phil Pryde

   Today around 10:45 a.m., at the high high tide, there was a Black Oystercatcher waiting out the pounding waves at Children's Pool in La Jolla, seemingly quite at home in the sand amidst the Sea Lions. Good views of it from the north side of the Admin Building there.  When a grouchy gull chased him off, he went to a nearby rock for about 2 minutes, then flew right back to where he was before. This makes me think he might be at the same place at highest tides the next couple of days or so.  Might be good chances for excellent photos of a BLOY at high tide at Children’s Pool over the weekend. Also had Wandering Tattlers at 3 different places on the ocean side of the fence along the path from La Jolla Cove to Children’s Pool. 
   Phil Pryde
   San Carlos