Ovenbird in Sabre Springs

Lisa Ruby

About 12:45 p.m. today I stumbled upon an Ovenbird along the creek in
Sabre Springs. Highly unlikely either me or anyone else will be able to
refind it, but I'll describe it and where it was in case anyone wants to
try. There is a lot of hidden inaccessible habitat in the area.
Providing description because I couldn't get a decent photo.

Description: It was walking along the ground next to the creek. I saw it
while I was trying to verify that a Warbler bouncing around on some
twigs above the water wasn't something other than a YRWA. First thing I
saw was a very bright white eye ring and dark heavy markings on the
breast. It immediately struck me as being an Ovenbird. The breast
markings were darker than what I'm used to seeing on Hermit or
Swainson's Thrushes. Back appeared to be an olive green color. It was
walking, not hopping like a Thrush. I didn't get a view of the crown.
One rear shot photo I have that may be reasonable enough to post shows
the back color and it holding its tail up while it was walking. Habitat
seemed like a good fit. The ground was damp and it disappeared under a
pile of dead stuff. I haven't posted my list yet. Won't have time to see
if photo is usable until later today.

Location: I was standing about here 32.94303,-117.08516, facing the
creek and looking towards the left into an area of the creek that is
under trees where birds will occasionally take a bath. The bird was
walking from the trail side of the area towards the creek.

Lisa Ruby
Sabre Springs

Lisa Ruby
Sabre Springs