Orioles & tanagers


Early Friday morning, there are several blooming eucalyptus trees in Rohr Park in Bonita that are quite birdy when they get the first rays of sunshine on a cool morning, currently between 6:30 a.m. and 7:00 a.m. Specifically it's the white flowered blue gum immediately on the east side of the residence house and then just east of that the heavily pink flowered eucalyptus at the exact northwest corner of the parking lot with the tipu trees. There's a bright orange female Baltimore Oriole continuing, a dull female Bullock's Oriole, a female Summer tanager, a Western tanager, and a Black-throated Gray warbler, and White breasted nuthatch. There had been an adult male Hooded Oriole here till a couple weeks ago.

Yesterday at Old Trolley Barn Park in North Park there was a female Summer tanager, a Western tanager, and a young male Bullocks Oriole.

These are finally the first Bullocks Orioles I've seen in over 6 weeks.