Orchard Oriole, Little Stint, miscellanea


This morning, Tuesday the 5th, there was a female/immature Orchard Oriole in the TRV community gardens on Hollister Avenue, at first hanging out with House Finches and White-crowned Sparrows in the western part of the gardens. Almost blended in with its buddies due to its rather small size. Also in the gardens are 1-2 Green-tailed Towhees, likely continuing and perhaps returning birds from last winter, and 1-2 continuing female-type Lawrence's Goldfinches. A female-type Vermilion Flycatcher is (continuing?) at the Sunset ball fields. Elsewhere, I had a Willow Flycatcher, which is about as late as one sees them in fall; a W. Wood-Pewee, which is getting near the end of their season; Swainson's Thrush; and MacGillivray's Warbler.

The Little Stint continued on "Stint Island" early this morning, with plenty of Westerns, and it should be mentioned that it is just very slightly darker than the basic-plumaged Westerns, as it has slightly darker feather centers to the wing-coverts and scapulars than do the basic Westerns which don't show these darker centers and which gives the stint a subtley "marbled" appearance. It also has slightly darker breast sides than do the basic Westerns. But be aware not only of the continued presence of some partly-juvenile Westerns but also that there are also often 1 or 2 Least Sandpipers present, which are smaller, smaller billed, and darker than the Westerns, and often one cannot make out the yellowish legs, and which have been turned into the Little Stint more than once over the past several years.

--Paul Lehman, San Diego