New Lucy's and Summers, more White winged Scoters

Today, Saturday, a new Lucy's Warbler was along the border of Coronado and NASNI, mostly frequenting pepper trees near the tall netting and last seen going off limits to the golf course, so may be tough to keep tabs on. A continuing adult male Summer tanager is near the corner of 7th X Adella, and two young male White winged Scoters continue in the moderate-sized scoter flock off the Hotel Del Coronado. Combined with the White winged that has spent much of the winter down in the Camp Surf and Imperial Beach Pier area, that makes three birds up and down this general stretch of coastline.

Yesterday, at Sweetwater Reservoir, there was a large count of 1,000 Tree swallows, counted as best I could, along with continuing nesting pair of Bald Eagles and eight Lawrence's Goldfinches. An adult male Summer Tanager at Kimball Park in National City is likely a returning bird for at least its third year, but which I do not think had been seen previously this winter.

Paul Lehman, San Diego