Nestor Park and Bird & Butterfly Sunday

The Brown Thrasher at the Bird and Butterfly Garden in the TRV, originally found by Bonnie Henson, appears to be likely gone, as it has NOT been seen the first two hours of Sunday morning. Neither has the reported continuing Swainsons thrush, which is extremely late and easily confused with the many Hermit thrushes, so any reports of that bird need to be carefully documented.

Just after Dawn this morning at Nestor Park, there was a Tropical Kingbird in with the ca. 20 Cassins Kingbird roosting birds, which is probably a returning bird. And there was also Plumbeous vireo and adult male Hooded Oriole, as well as the usual flock of 17 White-fronted geese that wander around Nestor and the TRV.

Another flock of 20 White-fronted geese continue at the Admiral Baker golf course, and three Ring-necked ducks at the J Street mud mudflats are rare for saltwater but are one of two or three sightings in the last week of Ring-necks on saltwater in the county.

Paul Lehman, San Diego