Neotropic (Not) and Cape May

For those possibly interested in looking for the Borrego Springs Neotropic Cormorant, be aware that it has NOT been seen for certain since 19 March. One report of the bird on the 20th included a photo of a Double-crested Cormorant. And a search of all possible, public-access ponds in the immediate area on 21 March by Theriault and Hunefeld turned up just two Double-cresteds.

For those looking for the wintering Cape May Warbler at Lake Murray before it departs (probably sometime in April), be aware that in addition to still frequenting its recent "favorite" tree opposite the exit of the overflow parking area, the bird has now also been seen frequenting the first three trees of the line of eucalyptus trees that forms a median divide of that overflow parking area--first three trees as one walks up the "Do Not Enter" exit road into the lot from the "former" favorite tree (fide C. Marantz).

Also today, Terry Hurst reports the first-of-season Bell's Vireo--at Mission Trails. Right on time.

--Paul Lehman, San Diego