Mourning Warbler in Tierrasanta

Paul Lehman

Today, Sunday, Barbara Carlson and I were coming home from lunch and, literally just outside our front door, were flabbergasted to find an immature MOURNING WARBLER in the bushes and hedges around our home and the neighbors'. After two minutes of excellent views the bird disappeared in a backyard hedge and we were unable to find it during the entire remainder of the afternoon. We live in a private condo/duplex complex, and looking for the bird would require walking around in front of residents' windows. Therefore under NO CIRCUMSTANCES should the public come here to look for it, BUT if by some miracle the bird remains and we re-find it, then we will endeavor to set up some way to get small groups of people in to see it. So, we will post an update only IF we can re-find it and can figure out what it's doing.

In any case, given that rumors of this bird's existence may well spread in the near future, I thought I'd let everyone know what transpired and what the limitations are.

--Paul Lehman, San Diego (Tierrasanta)