Miscellaneous continuing stuff, including the cowbird


On Sunday, the Bronzed Cowbird continues up at 4S Ranch at around 8:00 a.m., and present with just a small flock of about 6 or so Brown-headeds (fide C. Marantz) going back and forth between the usual sites. Both the Olive-sided Flycatcher and Grace's Warbler continued at or near the south end of La Jolla Colony Park at around 8:40 a.m., but just over a half hour later neither bird could be found. And both the Painted Redstart and the Clay-colored Sparrow continued at the Standley Middle School in UTC. A few days ago the Hammond's Flycatcher continued at Liberty Station, and today I had a Hammond's about two tenths of a mile away from the park where it had wintered in UTC at Genesee Highlands, but presumably it's the same bird moving around the neighborhood rather than a migrant which is still about a week "too early."

Yesterday, there was a flock of eight Purple Finches off Alga Road in Carlsbad. Given the addition of also a few other new Purples elsewhere in the lowland county this month, the grand total for the winter season is now around 90+ birds, shattering the old winter lowland record of a mere 16 !!

Paul Lehman, San Diego