misc continuing stakeouts


First off some minor new miscellanea: male "Slate-colored" Junco in the northeast corner of Balboa Park is the third male Slate-colored found in the park this winter, with the one around the International Cottages still present today; Costa's Hummingbird at Admiral Baker; and a new Black-thr. Gray Warbler near the San Diego Mission. Today, Weds., I showed several out-of-town birders a number of our wintering stakeouts, with generally good results. In Tierrasanta, the Hepatic Tanager and Painted Redstart continue, the latter back on Catamarca early this morning. The Greater Pewee continued in Balboa Park, showing up at the International Cottages a few minutes after 8AM, and then settled into flycatching from the tops of the three-snagged totally dead tree on the opposite side of Palm Canyon from the cottages. The Tennessee Warbler continues in Montgomery Waller Park in Otay Mesa, first in red/pink-flowered eucs just south of the bathrooms and then farther south in that same "row" of eucs where originally found in early January. The Lesser Black-backed Gull continued on the jetty in from of the Hotel del Coronado at low tide, and the tame minima Cackling Goose continues on the series of small ponds at the Coronado Marriot Hotel, along with its buddies the domestic Mallards, Coots, and Chilean Flamingos. The subspecies minima, very small and dark-breasted, is very rare in San Diego County, as most of our local Cackling Geese are likely "Aleutian" Cacklings.

--Paul Lehman, San Diego