longspurs and phoebe


On Sunday the 14th, the one Thick-billed (McCown's) and two Chestnut-collared Longpsurs all continued at Fiesta Island--and all near the large bare bare patch in the central-southern section of the dog run. The Thick-billed was with Horned Larks, as usual, and today the Chestnut-collareds were with Savannah Sparrows. It is assumed that these longspurs will depart fairly soon. Also at southeast Mission Bay, the Eastern Phoebe continued along the I-5 fencing, today being several hundred yards south of the Mission Bay Resort hotel, near a large white dumpster. Earlier in the morning, a calm seawatch at La Jolla produced two close-in Sooty Shearwaters together, but nothing else of note.

--Paul Lehman, San Diego