Little Stint, saltworks, seawatch

On Friday at 12:25 p.m. the returning Little Stint is on its favorite stint island off the end of 10th, at its favorite spot on the inside of the elbow, spending some of its time chasing Westerns around. This is the first time the bird has been seen in a very long time, since literally right when it was first discovered returning this year back in July. Elsewhere at the salt works, they have temporarily dropped pond 20 to the east of 13th Street and so lots of birds there for the next day or two, including one bairds and 15 common terns and good numbers of red knots and Wilson's phalaropes.

Seawatching earlier this morning in the off and on rain and Northeast wind produced very little off Imperial Beach. The wind has temporarily shifted Westerly so I'll go back now and give it another try for a little while.