La Jolla Cove, Dec 23: non-Brown booby

Stan Walens

I saw an eBird report today of possible Cassin’s auklets at the Cove this morning, a species that has been very rare from shore this year, so I went to the Cove for 90 minutes after lunchtime.
Didn’t see any auklets, though I did see a lot of distant black-vented shearwaters, as well as about 500 others closer in.

At around 1:45 I saw a large booby circling around the New Seaforth, which at that point was maybe 1.5+ miles from my vantage point.
It had dark upperwings and back, extensively white underwings and an all-white body and a white head; but it was simply too far away and the light was too overcast to see details. Too far away to get a good look at the upperwing and the secondary coverts, the extent of darkness in the underwing, or details of the back and tail.
So it’s not a Brown or Red-footed booby. One of the other 3.

Stan Walens, San Diego
Dec. 25, 2021; 3:45 pm