Harry Griffen Park, 3-11; BAWW

phil Pryde

     I did a quick walk around Harry Griffen Park, around noon today (3-11).  
Best bird was a Black-and-White Warbler, in the area west of the dog park where all the Goldfinches hang out. The dozens of Lawrences were quite impressive.  I couldn’t find the large number if Pine Siskins that were previously reported, but eventually did find a couple in with a group of LAGOs. Also bunches of Juncos and Chipping Sparrows near the fenced doggie area.  
     A surprise was my FOS Ash-throated Flycatcher, also near the SW corner of the fenced dog area.  I was surprised to see the Bird Atlas say that they begin arriving in the later part of March, although I guess a week earlier isn’t too surprising.  I’m guessing that like many other migrants their FOS dates have been getting earlier in recent years. 

Phil Pryde 
San Carlos