Grey Catbird & Hooded Oriole -- Borrego Springs

W Terry Hunefeld

This afternoon Bob Theriault telephoned to invite me to look at a Grey Catbird flitting around his front yard, coming every 15 minutes into a bush with small berries in the middle of the U-Turn of his driveway.  He is not near a computer but asked that I post the find to this listserv and invite birders who wish to try for the bird to park on the street in front of his house and walk the driveway.  The “berry” bush is on the “U” of the drive closest to the house.  Bob’s home address is 3076 Broken Arrow , just two houses off the famous Tilting T. 


This morning at our hummingbird feeders Ann and I enjoyed a third straight day of a bright male Hooded Oriole. Three days in a row…. perhaps we’ll have a wintering bird.  Hummingbird counts at the feeders average about 15 Anna’s and 7 Costa’s at any given time. 


Terry Hunefeld

Borrego Springs