"glut" explained (White-thr Sparrow), Laplands


First off, there is still one Lapland Longspur at the Fiesta Island dog run today, Thursday, and it has an injured foot. Not sure if it is different from either of the previous two birds that were typically there together over the recent many days. Two other Lappies were seen today at Robb Field (fide John Bruin), and whether or not they are partly the same as the one bird present there earlier this month is also unknown. The 2 Snow Geese continue at Robb Field as well.

A couple folks asked me to please define the term "glut" as it relates to White-throated Sparrows. OK, the November 2022 total as of today is a whopping TWENTY birds county-wide, with three more back in October, bringing this fall's total so far to 23, which is a new all-time record. The previous seasonal record for the county was the 18 birds present just this past winter, 2021-2022. Before that, the single-season high was perhaps 10 birds (Fall 2018).

--Paul Lehman, San Diego