GC Kinglet, Parula, B&W and Red-naped

Elias Elias <fabflockfinder@...>


Debbie Kinsinger and I birded Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery. It was
fairly quiet. Toward the end of our loop we heard the se-se-se of the
continuing GCKI. We finally had nice extended looks of it at about

We then moved to Rohr Park. We had immediate success. In rapid
succession, we saw the Rednape Sapsucker, a Northern Parula and Second
Parula! But only one of Tom's Black and Whites. We had these birds
east of the ranch house/adobe. Carol Parker, who we ran into, reported
similar success west of the ranch house and adobe a wee bit earlier.
So they definitely are a roving flock.

Flock on!

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