Eastern phoebe

Nancy Christensen

The Eastern Phoebe continued this morning in Penasquitos Canyon Preserve east. I parked in Penasquitos Creek Park and walked east along trail that parallels Park Village Dr. At closest approach to the homes that border the area, the Phoebe dropped down onto the trail very close to me. I am under the impression it came from the yards of the houses. My camera immediately died (cold battery) and by the time I got done thrashing it, the Phoebe had disappeared, although I could hear it chipping up near the houses. After I poked around for awhile I saw it hawking for insects over the vernal pool which is right there. Truly if I hadn’t known the bird was there I would not have been able to ID it as the views were very brief and it perched out of view. There were several golden-crowned Sparrows in the area as well.