Coronado Is., San Diego - photos Blackpoll Warbler, 03 Nov 2013

Gary Nunn

I managed to make it over to Coronado Island, San Diego, in good time early this morning and quickly caught up with the BLACKPOLL WARBLER found there by Paul Lehman and Barbara Carlson. It made a couple brief appearances in the melaleuca tree where it was first located.

Later on I checked the high tide at Crown Point where there was a real mass of Belding's Savannah Sparrows but more interestingly at least four LARGE-BILLED SAVANNAH SPARROW as well. At one point I had three of the Large-billed feeding close together at the flooded edge of the pickleweed. These birds, same number in fact, were previously noted by Paul Lehman on 01 Nov at this location.

Some photos of the Blackpoll Warbler at my blog link here

Gary Nunn,
Pacific Beach