continuing rarities and friends south of Seacoast Dr/Tijuana Estuary river mouth 3-22-21

Robert Patton

Two Pacific golden-plovers were seen this afternoon around 3:45 pm roosting together in sand-verbena adjacent to a small group of black-bellied plovers a few hundred yards NNE of the rivermouth at Tijuana Estuary south from Seacoast Dr.  They were among the dunes adjacent to the channel at the east end of the least tern & snowy plover nesting area between the gray chick shelters numbered 25B & 26B.
Also in the area were an immature glaucous-winged gull flying from north to south down the beach, reddish egret foraging in the channel to the NE of the plovers, and two white pelicans on the sandbar/flats.
Yesterday (3/21/21) in closed portions of South San Diego Bay NWR saltworks but possibly viewable from the bike path east of 13th St were 4 common goldeneye, reddish egret, & glaucous-winged gull.
R. Patton
San Diego, CA