Continuing little stint, Cape may, yellow palm, Ash throat, new Eurasian wigeon

On Tuesday the 12th, a black and white warbler continued in the silver strand area, since mid-dec, and a new drake Eurasian wigeon was with the large wigeon flock along the north end of the Silver Strand well north of Fiddler's Cove but south of Tulagi Road. There is no legal parking here but you could do a quick scan with binoculars from inside your car from the emergency parking lane, I guess. there are also a bunch of redheads here which makes finding the one Eurasian a little more difficult.

Today the 13th, various birders have seen the little stint, which continues reliable between 8:30 and 10:00 a.m. on the island it likes off the end of 10th , the Cape May warbler continues in its recent favorite eucalyptus tree at Lake Murray, the yellow palm warbler continues in the community gardens in the TRV where it likes the section from the middle, near the red Marine Corps flag, westward and is now wandering at times all the way to the very west end of the community gardens where the hummingbird feeder is where the calliope was back in the fall, the white throated Sparrow was seen briefly this morning at the feeders at the southeast corner of the community gardens, and the wintering ash-throated flycatcher continues in Rose Teeple Park in Imperial Beach just before dawn, so between 6:40 and 7:00 a.m. A check of the upper end of Nestor Park produced continuing black-throated gray warbler and two Western tanagers but none of the other earlier winter rarities.

Paul Lehman, San Diego