Clay-colored Sparrow, record-high Barn Swallows & Canvasbacks

The Clay-colored Sparrow found in late Dec at Rohr Park in Bonita by Miko Olsen, but not reported at all this month, continued this morning (Monday) near the west end of the park, as before. Today it was very close to the kiddie play equipment. Unfortunately, the Chipping Sparrows there (about 20) seem spread out on the lawn with scattered sycamores in much of that west end, each time in multiple sub-groups and singles, often with Savannah Sparrows and/or House Finches. There is not a single cohesive flock of Chippies to check....

A check of Sweetwater Reservoir tallied an all-time record winter count of 225 Barn Swallows (with 350 Trees) and an all-time record South County count of 148 Canvasbacks (the highest county totals are from North County at Camp Pendleton). Also, the continuing pair of incubating Bald Eagles. Interestingly, I saw ZERO geese!

--Paul Lehman, San Diego