Chestnut-sided Warbler, SDSU

Nick Barber

I found a female/imm Chestnut-sided Warbler at SDSU about 745am today. Actively feeding in low branches of a big eucalyptus on the south side of Hardy Memorial Tower. The tree is distinctive, with a thick twisted trunk.

I lost the bird after a few minutes but I think it flew to some flowering eucs along the drive due west of this tree. There's a lot of warbler and bushtit activity in these trees, including ~5 Orange-crowns, at least 2 Townsend's, and a Black-throated Gray.

The Chestnut-sided is entirely light gray below without any brown on the sides that I could see. Clear white eye ring, lime green crown and upperparts. Lots of white in the tail from below.

Nicholas A. Barber
Associate Professor, Dept. of Biology
San Diego State University
(he, him, his)