[CALBIRDS] CBRC adds two species to the California State List

Justyn Stahl

With Red-masked Parakeet now officially added to the California and San Diego County lists, Matt Sadowski’s 2021 San Diego County Big Year now totals an even 400! Incredible.

Justyn Stahl
North Park 

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Date: Sat, Jul 2, 2022 at 3:39 PM
Subject: [CALBIRDS] CBRC adds two species to the California State List
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The California Bird Records Committee has completed its review of the evidence for listing two naturalized parrot species on the official state list and has accepted them both. These are the Nanday Parakeet (Aratinga nenday; also known as Black-hooded Parakeet) and Red-masked Parakeet (Psittacara erythrogenys). Nanday Parakeet is placed immediately before Mitred Parakeet on the list, and Red-masked Parakeet is placed immediately after Mitred Parakeet. The addition of these two non-native, naturalized species brings the California bird list to 681 species, with 17 of them (including six parrots) representing non-native species. 

Joe Morlan has updated the CBRC website to reflect these additions; see: https://www.californiabirds.org/checklist.asp  He has also annotated the "Watch List" to indicate that these two species have now been accepted to the state list. 

Although the CBRC makes no judgment as to where within California these naturalized species are "countable", we note that Nanday Parakeets are well-established in western Los Angeles and southeastern Ventura counties and Red-masked Parakeets are well-established in San Francisco, San Diego, and Los Angeles counties. 

No other non-native species are currently under review for addition to the state list, but, as noted in the "Watch List," there are several with moderate to high potential for future listing. See: https://www.californiabirds.org/watchlist.html

Happy parrot-watching.

Kimball Garrett
[unofficial CBRC spokesperson]
Juniper Hills, CA