Breeding Bird Survey Route vacancy

Marsha Ingersoll

     The BBS is a long-term, large-scale, international avian monitoring program initiated in 1966 to track the status and trends of North American bird populations. The USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Center and the Canadian Wildlife Service, National Wildlife Research Center jointly coordinate the BBS program.

      I have been a participant since 2004, doing 2 routes in eastern San Diego County and am now retiring from this worthwhile endeavor due to declining hearing acuity. One of these routes is now available, listed on the BBS website, route 14-321, Cleveland National Forest #2. The route begins at Upper Green Valley Road off of Sunrise Highway, goes over Mt. Laguna, and ends in Pine Valley . The route is 24.5 miles long, with stops and 3 minute point counts every ½ mile, for 50 stops. The route takes about 5 hours to complete, starting ½ hour before sunrise, done once between May 15 and July 7.

On the BBS web page:

“This route requires an observer who has the demonstrated ability to identify all birds by sound, and also by sight, that breed in the Coastal California region of California. “

     I am happy to discuss this route further for anyone who may be interested, or alternatively, you may contact directly the County Coordinator:


Peter Beck (Southern California)
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
2177 Salk Avenue, Suite 250
CARLSBAD,  CA  92008
760-431-9440 x213 (Phone)

Hank Ingersoll

La Jolla