Borrego Valley Birds - November Record Yellow Warbler

W Terry Hunefeld

This morning (Sunday) at La Casa del Zoro a female-type Yellow Warbler foraged with the Yellow-rumps.  This is the first November record of a Yellow Warbler in the Borrego Valley . 



The first – and possibly only -- Western Grebe of 2013 is still in the Roadrunner Club “Swan Pond” easily viewed from Babe Zaharis Drive .


The pond at the defunct – but soon to resurrect? - Rams Hill Golf Course was bone dry last year but filled to perhaps 3 feet this summer after the torrential monsoons.  The pond is evaporating rapidly.  The diving ducks have moved on, leaving only dabblers and shorebirds behind including 3 Greater Yellowlegs and 3 Wilson’s Snipe.

Terry Hunefeld

Borrego Springs