Black Swifts - Torrey Pines North Extension

King, Dan

At 10:55 a.m. May 17th, six birds passed relatively low over the Torrey Pines Reserve - North Extension.  I was set up at the promontory at the south dead-end of the trailhead that starts at the south dead-end of Mira Montana Drive in Del Mar, a location that affords a very nice high-elevation view.  With the help of Barbara and Nancy on Soledad, I had advance notice to look sharp as soon as the group of 16 passed over Soledad at ~10:48.  As the swift flies, it is a bit less than seven miles from Soledad to my Torrey Pines lookout, so it seems quite possible these birds were part of that Soledad group.   (And yes, Barbara, that was a 2.5MR bird for me haha.)

Dan King
San Diego