Black Swift flying north over I-5 corridor/University City at 9:30 am

Charley Herzfeld

Large swift, visible to the naked eye, was flying high south to north, roughly a little east of the I-5 corridor which put it just a little west of viewing location in back yard.  Morning light was good.  No clouds.  I happened to have my binoculars with me because I was trying to track down a call high in a Eucalyptus, which I couldn't ID but did find a female purple finch (not calling). 

Because it was so large, it was easy to get my binoculars on the swift after I spotted it.

The swift was large and all black.  The tail was notably large and square for a swift.  The wings were narrow and tapered at the ends.  It did not fly in a straight line, but meandered slightly.  It did, however, maintain its northerly direction. It was definitely not a White-throated Swift (which are common here) because it had no white on it at all.  It was not a Vaux's Swift, which flies with a much faster and frequent wing beat, is a lot smaller, and not uniformly black. 

Charley Herzfeld
University City