Bank Swallow, Clay-colored, Summer, high counts

Sunday morning, the wintering Clay-colored Sparrow continues near the west end of Rohr Park. A visit to Sweetwater Reservoir produced continuing very large numbers of swallows, including a casual-in-winter BANK Swallow, my personal first-ever along the coast in winter in s. CA. It was near the upper end of the lake. Continuing record numbers of winter Barn Swallows, with 250 tallied, and about 200 Tree Swallows. Continuing large numbers of geese, with ca. 140 Greater White-fronted, 8 Cackling, and 1 Snow; and continuing large numbers of Canvasbacks, with 136 counted. The pair of Bald Eagles continues incubating at the nest.

Yesterday, the 4th, there was a new Summer Tanager & Western Tanager around the pro shop at the Presidio Hills pitch-and-putt golf course next to Old Town.

Paul Lehman, San Diego