ancient B-t Gray, Nashvilles, MIA Painted Redstart & Hepatics

Thanksgiving morning, an adult male Black-throated Gray Warbler in UTC is hardly a big deal, but it is undoubtedly the same bird back to the same three tipus trees in the same business-park courtyard now for at least 6 winters. Also in UTC, there are TWO Nashville Warblers together--one bright and one rather dull--in the tipus in the Standley Middle School block; BUT the returning Painted Redstart there has not been reported since initially turning up this season from Oct 7-10, so perhaps something bad has befallen it. And speaking of MIA, the rather long-staying female-type Hepatic Tanager in San Dieguito County Park, which we thought looked like it was going to winter there, has not been reported since Nov 4th--but there is a female-type Summer Tanager there currently, to confuse the matter. Our other returning Hepatics, at North Clairemont Park, Del Mar, and Tierrasanta, have all NOT yet been reported this season.

--Paul Lehman, San Diego