A Tern of Interest, Maybe

ross christie

On Wednesday, 10/6, after viewing the Black-throated Blue Warbler at Robb Field I had a few minutes before I had to run off for an appointment.  So, I took a quick look at the mudflats in the river.  I didn't have my scope with me, only my binoculars and a camera.  I saw a tern in the Elegant Tern group that had black at the base of its bill and some yellow at the tip (maybe more than just the tip).  The terns got startled and flew up and I only managed to get one fair picture that doesn't conclusively determine identification.  The flock returned to the island but I couldn't re-find the tern in question.  Very likely this was just a hybrid Elegant Tern but if anyone happens to be looking into the River over the weekend maybe be on the lookout a possible 'tern of interest.'

Ross Christie 

Pacific Beach