WOOD Thrush on Mount Palomar yesterday, Balboa Park Clay-colored sparrow and tanagers today


In an e-bird checklist from yesterday somewhere in the Doane Valley area on Mount Palomar, an observer submitted a photo of a Hermit Thrush which is a wonderful photo of a Wood Thrush! (Thanks to Bridget Spencer for originally spotting this error.) We have written the observer and await hoped-for more precise location information. Will pass it on when we hear.

Today, Saturday, in the fairly early morning I had a Clay-colored Sparrow on the lawn immediately to the southeast of the lawn bowling along the west edge of Balboa Park, feeding with a few munias. A summer tanager continues around the international cottages and another summer tanager continues in the pink flowered eucalyptus bordering the rose garden, where also a young male bullocks Oriole. A black throated gray warbler around the natural history museum.

Paul Lehman, San Diego