Continuing rarities

Lisa Ruby


This morning there was a Clay-colored Sparrow continuing from yesterday
at Doyle Park. Not easy to find. It was reported in eBird yesterday
hanging out with Chipping Sparrows. Today we saw no foraging Chipping
Sparrows and stumbled on the Clay-colored taking a bath in a puddle on
the sidewalk behind ball field 3. Carl also saw it in a Carrot Tree east
of the ball fields a little before we saw it bathing. After its bath it
flew up onto the top of the field fence, then to the backstop and then

We heard the Black-throated Blue Warbler was seen at Villa La Jolla Park
this morning, but just missed it. The Plumbeous Vireo continued there
today, and was singing for a little bit.

The Pine Warbler continued at Buddy Todd Park late this afternoon. I got
there around 12:20 and spent a few hours searching for it. Another
birder also looked for about an hour. There was a big party going on
where Tito had first reported it and where it was also seen again this
morning. The birds had vacated that area. So I searched pine trees and
the ground heading towards and all around the basketball and volleyball
courts and didn't find it. Some other birders eventually joined me, and
finally, after the party started to break up I spotted it a little
before 3:00 p.m. in one of the pines near Tito's coordinates
(33.208644,-117.347624). Then it disappeared again and it took about a
half hour before it reappeared on the ground on the sidewalk in front of
the bench. Lost it again, and then after around another half hour it
flew back into the pine tree and then back onto the sidewalk, and also
onto the arm of the bench. Looked like someone had dumped some food on
the sidewalk in front of the bench and the bird was foraging through it.
It seemed to be around when the Yellow-rumpeds and Chipping Sparrows
were around, but kept to itself. Never saw it foraging in the grass.

Lisa Ruby
Sabre Springs

Lisa Ruby
Sabre Springs