Robb field emails

Aedyn Loefke

If any of you were slightly confused by the Blackpoll/Prairie warbler emails as I know I was , I think this is what happened...

To the best of my knowledge there was NO Prairie Warbler seen this morning (9/26) at Robb Field. What I believe happened was when I first found the Blackpoll and pointed it out to the group, the initial thought was Prairie Warbler as all we could see up in the top of the canopy was the striping on its chest. Someone then sent out a regional saying that the Prairie Warbler was there. However, as the group was getting better looks at it, I studied my picture and realized that it was an obvious Blackpoll and informed the group that it was indeed a Blackpoll, upon which someone then sent out another email saying that there was a Blackpoll at Robb field.  Apparently at the same time, that I also sent one.  To add to the confusion, the Listserve was down for maintenance which caused the emails to be sent later and not in the proper order. Hopefully I got that right and that it clears up some of the confusion, especially for those who were there.

--Aedyn Loefke