No ovenbird at FRNC this morning, but for the second day there is a black-throated green warbler in pines at the beginning of the Northeast loop in the northeast corner, and the young male redstart continues in the eucalyptus and ficus in the northwest fence area. Please remember the restricted hours for birding purposes. Tennessee warbler was in Coronado, a yellow headed blackbird is in the TRV near the sod farm, and there are still at least two solitary sandpipers at Dairy Mart. There have now been solitaries present there continuously for 5 weeks, with the single day high count of 7 birds several weeks ago. However determining the grand total if more than 7 is essentially impossible. The same problem trying to determine a season total of Baird's sandpipers at the salt works. Surprising numbers of black chinned hummingbirds continue at feeders in at least six places in the county that I know of totaling something like 20 birds and also including one especially late adult male in Ramona. Finally saw my first Ruby crowned Kinglet of the season today.