Baird's sandpipers on the move 9-7-22

Robert Patton

Just a heads-up since they're likely to show up at other tidal shoreline areas in the vicinity or saltponds within view of the South Bay Bikeway:
While monitoring for snowy plovers and other breeding waterbirds in closed portions of South San Diego Bay NWR saltworks this morning (9-7-22), on first pass along the east side of pond 15, I had very few peeps & no rarities.  About an hour later, Matt Sadowski repeated the route and had 1 Baird's sandpiper to the SE in pond 30 and 9 Baird's in SE pond 15.  On returning just before noon, I had 16 Baird's spread the length of the east side of pond 15.
Other species of note (and viewable from the bike path off 13th St in IB), were individual lesser yellowlegs in SE central pond 20 and SE pond 23, and 3 white-faced ibises circling the ponds 20/21/22 area.  Large-billed savannah sparrows were elsewhere in the interior and along the north shore, as well as two shovelers.  Skimmer, elegant & royal tern numbers have thinned significantly recently, with less than 1200 elegants & royals in ponds 22 & 23.
R. Patton
San Diego, CA