Lindo Lake East: Now Open

Andrew N

The recently remodeled eastern lake at Lindo is now open for our enjoyment so I walked the full length of it today (certainly not a great idea in 100 degree weather).

As expected the mudflat habitat is completely gone, replaced with rocks the entirety of the lakeshore. There is no vegetation in the lake itself, not even reeds. Most of the trees around the lake edge survived the remodel and they completely dug out all the grass and invasives and replanted all natives, including many young trees. There are five observation decks, two with bird blinds, and a small floating dock. Off-trail areas are, for the most part, decoratively fenced off. The lake is populated with fish of some sort and at least one turtle has found it's way over there already.

As for birds...a whopping six Killdeer were literally the only ones utilizing the new lake. 

Andrew Newmark
Chula Vista, CA