Manx Shearwater on Saturday San Diego pelagic

Nick Thorpe

For anyone still looking through their photos, I just double checked my camera clock vs my phone (internet) clock, and my camera was slow by 8 minutes. So the Manx was actually seen at 9:22am. 
Nick Thorpe
University Heights

From our 16 July pelagic trip off San Diego, participant Nick Thorpe just went through all his photos and discovered a MANX SHEARWATER he had photo'd at 9:14AM. At that time, we were down fairly close to the border and near (inside) or on the 9-Mile Bank. The photos are clear as to the species involved (unfortunately!). Photographers on the trip might wish to look at their own photos for that same time and see if they may have also captured this bird.


--Paul Lehman, San Diego