UTC cottonwoods with Plumbeous, Doyle Clay-colored, TRV pugetensis


Yesterday the 29th, there was a pugetensis White- crowned sparrow and three Lawrence's goldfinches in the TRV community Gardens. This subspecies of White-crowned is very rare in the county and this establishes the earliest arrival date by one or two days.

Today, the 30th, there is a Clay colored Sparrow at the extreme east end of Doyle Park near the dog run. Also in UTC, I checked a line of very tall cottonwood trees that I found last winter that are at the intersection of Judicial Drive and Sydney Court, right along Judicial. There is no parking here and the closest parking is one or two blocks back to the south along the entrance road that goes into the park and library. Today there was a Plumbeous vireo plus several yellows and a black-throated gray in these cottonwoods, which appear to have the little aphids on the leaves that cottonwoods in Mission Valley during previous October and November time frames have produced things like Parulas and Tennessee and Lucy's and Redstart. So worth keeping an eye on for the next two months before the leaves are dropped. But be aware that you have to stand right along the edge of Judicial and the trees are very tall and you are craning your neck, the true "warbler neck" scenario. And another block to the north of that on the same side of Judicial, amongst the Villas condo complex, is a nice little mini canyon with eucalyptus trees that last winter when the trees were blooming was very birdy.