Palomar Mountain State Park

Kenneth Weaver

I visited Palomar Mountain State Park yesterday (9/4).  The highlight for me 

was viewing three Bald Eagles riding the thermals above the high ridge on 

the south side of the park, a behavioiur I associate more with Golden 


I observed a few “migrants,” including Warbling Vireo, Black-throated Gray 

Warbler, and Wilson’s Warbler.  The quotation marks are due to the fact 

that Warbling Vireos are summer residents along Doane Creek and Black-

throated Gray Warblers are also summer residents in the drier woodlands 

upslope.  Assigning a seasonal status to the few individuals present is a

guess.  Like Bell’s Vireos in the lowlands, Cassin’s Vireos were still singing.

I was shocked to see that nearly all of the alders which line Doane Creek 

looked dead, their leaves brown and shriveled with only the leaf veins left of 

what should be a green blade at this time of the year.  I suspect some type

of viral disease.  This may affect the neotropical migrants that use this area 

for nesting and foraging.

Ken Weaver