new Hammond's & dark-lored White-crowned; cont. R-n Grebe, longspurs, Clay-coloreds

This morning, Feb 25, there is a new Hammond's Flycatcher in town, this one at Liberty Station along the very beginning of left side of Woodworth Way (next to corner of Woodworth X Dewey). Continuing birds included the Fiesta Island Red-necked Grebe in the early morning, both the Thick-billed (McCown's) and 2 Chestnut-collared Longspurs in the southern section of the Fiesta Island dog run, and the Tricolored Heron in the southwest corner of the San Diego River mouth. Yesterday, the 24th, there was yet another, new, adult DARK-lored White-crowned Sparrow--at Charles Lewis Memorial Park on the border between Oak Park and City Heights. And continuing were the TWO Clay-colored Sparrows with Chippings at Park de la Cruz in Cherokee Point, where also 20 Lawrence's Goldfinches--BUT they were mowing all the lawns while I was there, and that will certainly affect the foraging, so the birds may move.

--Paul Lehman, San Diego