"last dates" for our wintering rarities


First off, one little bit of bird news: On 21 Feb there was a Pacific-slope Flycatcher in the Allen Road canyon in Mission Hills. Perfect date for the chances that this bird over-wintered locally versus is a very early "spring" arrival is just about 50-50! Pac-slopes, like Hooded Orioles, have been arriving earlier and earlier in recent years.

Given that the winter season is nearing its end, I would very much like to double-check that the county database has the correct "final dates" for our rarer wintering species. Obviously a fair number of our winter rarities are still present, and will remain so into March, with even a few well into April... Below are the current "last dates" I have on file. If you know of a later date for any species here which are not still present, please let me know OFF-LINE. If you continue to see any stakeout winter rarities over the next couple months, NO NEED to let me know as long as you post the news on SanDiegoRegionBirding and/or eBird it. But I just wish to make sure that nothing falls through the cracks. Not included in this listing are a number of low-to-mid-level rarities (e.g., Black Scoter, Gray & Pacific-slope Flycatchers, Plumbeous & Cassin's Vireos, Clay-colored & White-throated Sparrows, Green-tailed Towhee, Black-and-white Warbler, American Redstart, etc.), but please keep track of them as well!!

Cackling Goose minima Santee Lakes still present (very rare given it appears to be the subspecies minima)

Red-necked Grebe Shelter Is. 17 Feb

Pacific Golden-Plovers (2-3) TJE area still present

Mountain Plovers (2) Naval Outlying Field 31 Jan

Lesser Black-backed Gull Coronado 14 Feb

Tricolored Heron San Diego R. mouth/Mission Bay still present

Yellow-bellied Sapsucker North Clairemont 14 Feb, Guajome 18 Feb, Balboa Park 3 Feb

Dusky-capped Flycatcher North Clairemont 24 Jan, Balboa Park 18 Feb

Thick-billed Kingbird Poggi still present

Tropical Kingbirds (up to 2) Dairy Mart still present

Western Kingbird Dairy Mart still present

Scissor-tailed Flycatcher Poggi still present, Dairy Mart/TRV/Nestor (how many??) still present

Olive-sided Flycatcher Rose Canyon/La Jolla Colony still present

Greater Pewee Balboa Park 6 Feb

Hammond's Flycatcher Carmel Valley 16 Feb, UTC 13 Feb

Eastern Phoebe San Miguel Ranch 28 Jan, City Heights 19 Jan, Mission Bay still present

Chestnut-collared Longspur (2) Fiesta Is. still present

Thick-billed (McCown's) Longspur Fiesta Is. still present

Swamp Sparrow National City 17 Feb

Orchard Oriole Encinitas 10 Feb

Baltimore Oriole La Jolla Colony still present

Northern Waterthrush main Dairy Mart area 13 Feb, eastern Dairy Mart (San Ysidro) 6 Feb

Lucy's Warbler San Dieguito Co. Park 27 Jan

Cape May Warbler Lake Murray still present

Chestnut-sided Warbler UCSD/UTC 16 Feb only

"Yellow" Palm Warbler TRV 20 Feb

Pine Warbler Mission Hills 14 Feb

Grace's Warbler La Jolla Colony 14 Feb, Crest Drive Encinitas 25 Jan, Crest Canyon Del Mar 27 Jan

Painted Redstart UTC 4 Feb, Tierrasanta 22 Jan

Hepatic Tanager North Clairemont 18 Feb


--Paul Lehman, San Diego