Two Eagles (?) at Lake Hodges

Tracy Henchbarger

I have photos and will post the ID when I have a definite opinion from more knowledgeable birders. Huge wing spans. Mottled golden colors with lighter colors above and below.  Light colored nape. The base of the tail was light (closest to the body). Bright yellow legs. The loudest calls I have ever heard come out of a bird – and I was far away.

Spotted from 8:50 a.m. to 9:15 a.m. and they disappeared into the foliage.

Drive in the gate off Lake Road onto Mission Road aka Lake Hodges Way to the last boat ramp. There is one large, tall bare tree that you can’t miss. Stand at the tree and look across the Lake to the tip of the isthmus. Each bird was in a different tree. 

Tracy Henchbarger
Lake Hodges, Escondido, CA 92029