Wing Street "No Trespassing" sign

Tuck Russell

I am told that even this unpaved part where we bird is city property, and we can thus technically ignore this sign, which is not an official city sign.   Still, I'd encourage small groups, and diplomatic behavior.  And not wandering off the actual road, since we don't know where the property lines are.  Something must have prompted the sign's placement.

Tuck Russell

Anthony Fife

So today (02/18/2020) I stopped by wing street canyon (very birdie around 1:30pm) and spoke with residents. Everyone agrees the canyon is city property. I spoke with the owner of the sign and they advised it was to discourage unsafe vehicle traffic (such as unruly off-roaring) from passing through.

One other neighbor actually wanted to tell them to take the sign it’s an on-going dispute.

I walked the canyon nearly in it’s entirety and stoped just before the top of the road. I saw a couple signs of a possible transient in the area, but nothing outrageous.

I also took the time to look at city parcel maps. The maps show the street as a through thoroughfare with private parcels stopping well away from the “road”.

Just an update as we near March/April and people may be heading over there again.

Anthony “TooFly” Fife
La Mesa, Ca