Brown Booby swarm

Ryan Andrews

currently watching a large number of Brown boobies off Seacoast, halfway to the river mouth. Just did one pan and had 50 birds. Had one interesting non-Brown that I will ID later, hopefully. By far most number of boobies I’ve had in the county.

Ryan andrews
valley center

Ryan Andrews

Hello all,

The non-Brown Booby was an immature Blue-footed Booby, which was what I suspected in the field. It came in close to shore for a few minutes before disappearing into the distant Brown Booby swarm. I'm not sure what caused all the boobies to show up -- I did an afternoon hike down to the river mouth twice in August and had no Brown Boobies at all. Pictures of the Blue-footed and pictures of some of the larger Brown groups will be up on eBird asap.

Ryan Andrews
Valley Center