Guajome Park - Nashville Warbler - 1/16

Gjon Hazard

Spent the morning birding Guajome Regional Park. Had a NASHVILLE WARBLER in the riparian along the "nature trail," near the small side-trail bridge to the campground. Also a WILSON'S WARBLER in a patch of Brazilian pepper trees a little farther north on the trail, near the bridge over the stream channel. (Many of the Wilson's Warblers I find in winter are in large Brazilian pepper trees.)

Full list available on eBird.

Happy trails.


Hooded Merganser

Catherine Zinsky

Saw the male Hooded Merganser this morning in the north channel at Famosa Sleugh.  
Channel at Robb Field was percolating with various water fowl, though nothing out of the ordinary.  
​Bird & Butterfly Garden in IB was dull, save for a small flock of Lincoln's Sparrows.  

Photos on Flicker below...​

Waggin' tails,


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Ch Borderfame Soul Train UDX, OM ('Kellan the Felon' a.k.a. 'Sir Barkalot')
OTCH Sporting Fields Summer Solstice, UDX 7, OGM ("Dax", as in "Dax of the Long Tongue" aka 'Sir Lickalot'))
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Scissor-tailed Flycatcher continues near SEL

Max Leibowitz

Hi all. I saw the Scissor-tailed Flycatcher today around 12:00 with a Cassin's Kingbird at the Strawberry Fields that is close to Mira Costa College.

Max Leibowitz
Torrey Hills

San Diego Flood Control Short eared Owl, Jan 15

Susan Smith

While driving today Jan 15 by on Sea World Drive today at about 12:15 or so, a Short eared Owl flew over our car.  It was flying north to south,  coming from the Sea World area, flying in its wonderfully  loping manner toward the south,  directly towards the San Diego River Channel. It may have continued on towards Famosa Slough, but I couldnt follow it, having to jolt back and keep my eyes on the road. But in this short time, I did get brief, but reasonably good looks at its large head and  owl-flat face, its unique languorous and loping flight pattern and roundish wings, the buffy  pale primary patches, and the dark X-mark on the face (dark triangle marks around the  eyes in the face).  I was with Robin Zarate, visiting from Irvine, CA, and she also  saw the bird.

Susan Smith
Seiurus Biological  Consulting
Del Mar, CA 

3 Black Oysteratchers Mission Bay 1/15

stevan brad

6 of us boarded the San Diego Whale Watch boat for a 3 hour cruise out of Mission Bay

,  Best bird was spotted by Jane Mygatt  2 Black  oystercatchers on the south jetty  and another on the low cement that runs out to the south jetty  north side of dog park    id photos here in ebird report 

the only Northern Fulmars seen were spotted by Commander Ginsburg on what appears to be a whale carcass

a photo included in this ebird report

no other birds of special  interest    a number of gray whales    0 dolphins

good birding your way

steve brad



Hooded Mergansers at Famosa Slough


On Friday January 15, a male Hooded Merganser was in the channel portion of Famosa Slough and a female in the slough pond.  Both were swimming with American Widgeons.

Susan & Rich Breisch.

Dec 13-14 miscellanea; plus "J St." usage

Paul Lehman

Some miscellaneous sightings from the past couple days:

December 13: continuing female ORCHARD ORIOLE at Seascape Apts. in s. Carlsbad, continuing HERMIT WARBLER on Rimini Dr. in Del Mar, and a new, female-type BLACK-AND-WHITE WARBLER also on Rimini.

December 14: female BLACK SCOTER off Grand Caribe at Coronado Cays, Tijuana Estuary continuing 7+ "Large-billed" Savannah Sparrows, Common Goldeneye and Canvasback, and a Black Skimmer (very rare in late fall and winter there and on s. San Diego Bay--and thus typically missed on the San Diego CBC--given that they all shift north at that season to Mission Bay and elsewhere), a continuing high count of 8-9 YELLOW-CROWNED NIGHT-HERONS (up to 6 adults, 3 immatures) in condo pines next to I. B. Sports Park, a new, female-type SUMMER TANAGER (with a Western Tanager) off E St. in Chula Vista, single Yellow and Black-thr. Gray Warblers and Bullock's Oriole (but no Baltimores) at Rohr Park, and 2 continuing Snow Geese at the J Street mudflats.

And that brings me to "J Street." We all use that name to describe that popular birding site in Chula Vista. But of course in reality it should really be called the Marina Parkway / Marina Way mudflats. Yes, there's the nearby J Street/ Marina Pkwy. exit on I-5. But J Street only goes inland, to the east, whereas the road the mudlfats are located along is Marina Parkway / Way. Birders have been calling it the J Street mudflats since the dawn of time (at least since the 1970s), and so be it! And does it really matter??! We locals know what we're talking about. But it might be confusing to newbies or visiting out-of-towners unless there's a properly located pin in an eBird report, etc. Just a random observation....

--Paul Lehman, San Diego

Nashville Warbler; Carlsbad

Tito Gonzalez

This afternoon, 14 JAN2016, I found a male Nashville Warbler in the greenbelt area encircled by Camino del Prado (end of Camino de las Ondas) in Carlsbad. The specific location (click on map) and photos are in the following ebird report.


Tito Gonzalez

Carlsbad, CA



Mergansers on Sutherland

Nancy Christensen

I stopped off at Lake Sutherland on my way home from the desert today. I counted 71 Common Mergansers, but undoubtedly missed many who were out of my line of sight. The main group seemed to be fishing cooperatively, gathering closely together, then diving simultaneously. When they came up, they were fanned out. Other small groups were sleeping on the shore, the rocks and the floats in front of the dam.
Last year when these birds were reported the original report said about 12 of 25 mergansers were in breeding plumage, but when I went out there, none were, but the flock was much larger than reported. Today at least 6 of the birds were in breeding plumage.
Lake Sutherland is closed for the season, so viewing is from the road and quite distant. Scopes recommended.

SUTA at Del Mar and search for White faced Ibis

Roger Uzun

I went over to 615 Rimini in Del Mar to try and get some pics of the Summer Tanager on Tues, the 12th.  The bird was there all morning but pretty high up in a dying pine tree that it favors.  It came low once to another pine across the street but I wasn't alert enough to catch it close to me.

There was a Hermit Warbler, and a Townsends as well as a male and female Allen's hummingbird right in this same area.

Yesterday I went searching Old Milky Way rd in Escondido near the wild animal park for a close look at white faced ibis but I could not find them on any public, accessible land.  There were dozens in the cattle farm area but not easily visible from any public spot.  In the past they went to the field where there are often Cattle Egret but lately I've never found them outside the cattle farm's private property.

Does anyone know where I could get close, like within 50-60' of a group of White faced Ibis?  I tried San Elijo as well but didn't find any there either.  

Does anyone know a reliable spot in San Diego county where I can get clear looks (within 50-60') at a small or large group of white faced ibis, or must I head over to the Salton Sea.

Some pics from tuesday SUTA here -

-Roger Uzun

Poway, CA


Re: Cackling Goose...ahh not so fast.

David Povey <dpovey@...>

I did my drive by Otay Lake today, and spotted the goose in question in the rushes at the east end of Lower Otay Lake. Stopped dug the scope out, and now I'm not so sure.

The bill lack the short "cute" look of a standard Cackling/Aleutian type. Seemed to me longer than my first impression. So maybe just a smaller ssp Canada Goose or??


Dave Povey


Golden Eagle fly-by in San Marcos

Tracy Henchbarger

A falconer friend just called me saying an adult golden eagle flew at tree top height over his house, flying from north to south at 10:30 a.m. this morning. He lives north of the 78 off Twin Oaks Road. He says it was so close it looked like the size of a Cessna and the shadow the bird cast scared the heck out of his miniature dachshund. Am glad the eagle wasn't on the hunt.  

Tracy Henchbarger


Cackling Goose at Lower Otay Lake

David Povey <dpovey@...>

Last evening (1-13) I saw a smallish Cackling  type Goose from Otay Lakes Rd. This is the second time over the last week that I've seen this bird while driving by at speed. Both times the bird was at the far east end of the lake.

I have stopped on other trips past this spot and have not been able to refined the bird.

There are no other geese at this location, and the bird does not seem to associate with the other ducks and coots there.


Dave Povey


City Heights: Rose-breasted Grosbeak, White-winged Dove - 1/13/16

Steve Ritt

I haven't heard back yet from Richard Englehart, who reported his RB Grosbeak, but I think I may have found his house off of Fox Canyon (which I will leave undisclosed to preserve his privacy). Both of the subject birds were in the private (truly inaccessible; there are fences and people's backyards) side canyon that is east of Euclid Avenue, south of Dwight Street/Lantana Drive, and north of Isla Vista Drive.

My recomendation is to scan (perhaps with a scope) from the busy, east side of Euclid Avenue into the canyon, and watch the tall, thick eucalyptus that are east of the pine tree that is on the south side of the canyon. This is not an easy task. At least the guardrail makes for a nice bench. I'll repeat, this is not an easy task.

I originally tried accessing this side canyon from the south end of Lantana Drive, but this puts you immediately in someone's back yard, and there are fences on the other side of the canyon. However, I heard a partial song here that I thought was a clear-cut RB/BH Grosbeak. I couldn't lure the bird out, and a mockingbird was doing good imitations of Cactus Wrens, so I was skeptical. I then walked all the way up and down the concrete-lined drainage of Fox Canyon itself, but had nothing of interest.

I then spent about 45 minutes scanning from the side of Euclid, when I first heard the "who cooks for you" song of the WW Dove. I finally saw it in flight around the previously described eucs. I later heard the other, alternating ascending and descending song of a WWDO. I heard the clear-cut "squeaky gym shoes" call of the RB Grosbeak from here as well, but the best visual I could get was a possible, larger bird in flight with the House Finches. The RBGR call is higher pitched and sharper than the similar California Towhee's that were present.

Also in the canyon are Scaly-breasted Munias, Red-masked Parakeets, a (presumably) caged parrot, and many chickens. I also heard a staccatto "peep" that I did not recognize, and can only assume to be from another exotic bird.

The concrete-lined drainage ditch would certainly be easiest to access with an old-school, Tommy Guererro-style, fishtail skateboard with fat wheels. (I'm being silly.) Seriously though, you may not want to go down here alone.

Steve Ritt
San Diego, CA

hepatic tanager

Nancy Christensen

The Hepatic Tanager was found at Marston House around 8:15 this morning in the tall Eucs that border the lawn.

One Western Tanager and one Summer Tanager (both females) were found just south of the Magnolia tree grove near the corner of Laurel Street and 6th avenue. There are a couple of ficus trees there that have fruit attractive to the birds, but the summer tanager was flitting around catching bugs. As I walked back to my car I believe I heard the male summer tanager calling from the magnolia trees but could not get a look at him.


Nancy Christensen



Wild animal park zonetail hawk

Elias Elias

Flock on!

Arcata CA/San Diego CA
Walkie talkie primero=707-633-8833
Last ditch alternate=559-433-7254

Begin forwarded message:

From: Elias Elias <fabflockfinder@...>
Date: January 13, 2016 at 11:53:08 PST
To: sandiegoregionbirding@...
Subject: Wild animal park zonetail hawk

Got great looks at one of the zone tails here; free parking.

Dropped Pin
near San Pasqual Valley, San Diego, CA

More details here:

Flock on!

Arcata CA/San Diego CA
Walkie talkie primero=707-633-8833
Last ditch alternate=559-433-7254

Re: Warbler, gull

David Trissel

There was also a Glaucous-winged Gull at Moonlight Beach in Encinitas yesterday, a hundred yards south of the creek outflow.

David Trissel
San Diego

On Jan 11, 2016, at 5:15 PM, Nancy Christensen nancy.r.christensen@... [SanDiegoRegionBirding] <SanDiegoRegionBirding-noreply@...> wrote:


The black and white warbler continues at Cttonwood Park in Encinitas. In Oceanside, an adult Glaucous-winged gull was on the beach with the flock of gulls.

Nancy Christensen

A bird does not sing because it has an answer. It sings because it has a song.
Chinese Proverb

Lake Murray, Wed. a.m.

phil Pryde

I did a tour around the Del Cerro (westernmost) arm of Lake Murray Wed. between 8:30 and 9:45 a.m., and the most interesting observation was flocks of both Tree Swallows and White-throated Swifts. There were probably 6-10 birds in each flock. The TRSWs stayed over the water and the WTSWs were over the open Del Cerro hillside west of the lake. Since both species winter here, I assume these were some sort of feeding flocks that just happened to be there at the same time.
The resident Allen's Hummer was in its favorite tree near the north end of the Del Cerro arm.
Also of interest was a tagged TV in the flock that regularly roosts in the Eucs on the west side of the Del Cerro arm. On his wing was a white tag with a black "N4" on it; I think this bird has been reported previously. Sooo, he's still there.
Ducks included a female Ring-neck, a Bufflehead, several Redheads, and lots of Gadwall. The female Goldeneye reported earlier wasn't located, but might have been out in the middle somewhere.
Phil Pryde
San Diego

Brown creeper in The Summit

Ethna Piazza

I have seen a brown creeper twice now in The Summit on Mount Soledad. Each time it was working the base of trees below calls of red-breasted nuthatches. If anyone wants to try to find it, walk along Caminito Valverde and listen for the nuthatches. This morning they were in trees a couple hundred feet off Valverde on Caminito Marzella. 7 am.

Golden Plover, Pac Slope Flycatcher, Redstart

Nancy Christensen

The Pacific Golden Plover continues at the mouth of the San Dieguito Lagoon.

The Bird and Butterfly Garden had a white-breasted Nuthatch (marked as rare by Ebird), and a Pacific Slope Flycatcher.

The Painted Redstart continues in Shepherd Canyon.


First 2 photos here:


Nancy Christensen