Re: Iceland Gull

Terence Brashear

It was mentioned here by Matt Sadowski on January 18.

Around 2 pm after Lea Squires and Matt Sadowski arrived, a very pale
1st-cycle gull appeared on the main dock that showed features consistent
with "Kumlien's" Iceland Gull.
Terry Brashear
San Diego County, CA
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I see that an Iceland Gull was reported in eBird a few days ago in San Diego County . . . but no location details as yet that I can find . . . ?

CK Smith
Rick 'n' Mo's Hilltop B&B, NE El Cajon

Iceland Gull

C K Staurovsky

I see that an Iceland Gull was reported in eBird a few days ago in San Diego County . . . but no location details as yet that I can find . . . ?

CK Smith

Rick 'n' Mo's Hilltop B&B, NE El Cajon

Purple finches

Ethna Piazza

4 purple finches are continuing in the Summit, La Jolla. At 7:30 am, I watched them for several minutes in a tree on Caminito Cruzada. All of them are brown in color, none showing any purple.


next san elijo monthly bird count monday 8 feb

Robert Patton

Please spread the word –

San Elijo Lagoon monthly bird count

Monday February 8th (& 2nd Monday of each month, rain or shine)

Meet at the north end of Rios Ave in Solana Beach at 7:30 am

(from I-5, exit Lomas Santa Fe Dr & head west, turn north on Rios Ave which is just east of Highway 101 & the railroad tracks)

Bring a lunch or pick up one nearby & we’ll meet to compile at noon at the nature center (SE of intersection of Manchester Ave & San Elijo Ave)


R. Patton

San Diego, CA

Immature Snow Goose ? - Bahia Resort

Joann Mockbee

Saw what I think is a immature Snow Goose, yesterday afternoon, along the East side of the Bahia Resort - on the lawn with the coots.

Joann Mockbee
Pacific Beach



Are we correct in thinking this is a Merlin?

link to pictures:



Susan Lafo

Orchard Oriole


Thanks to some very specific directions by Nancy I was able to find the bird within minutes of my arrival at the location.  The bird stayed in the tree for about 5 minutes but usually behind a limb or flower.  

Glaucous Winged Gull Oceanside Pier

Susie Martin

Hi All,
I was on the Oceanside Pier yesterday 2/1/2016 around 3:30-4 pm and saw an Adult Glaucous Winged Gull. I have two clear photos which I would be happy to email to anyone who would like to see. Bird was on the pier with the mix of other local gulls.
Photo ID verified by Philip Unitt
Susie Martin
Escondido, Ca

Orchard oriole

Nancy Christensen

The stunning male Orchard Oriole found by Paul Lehman during the Christmas bird counts continues on Arden in Encinitas. On the block north of Santa Fe in the only coral tree on the block. Full adult male, chestnut breast and tummy, black head.

Nancy Christensen

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Red-breasted Sapsucker, Kate Sessions Park

ross christie

This afternoon, 2/01/2016, Kate Sessions Park in Pacific Beach, a Red-breasted sapsucker.


New Backyard bird

Catherine Zinsky

Had two Lawrence's Goldfinch join some Lesser Goldfinch and Pine Siskin at one of my feeders today. The Lawrence's is a new yard bird for me:-)

Waggin' tails,


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Haven't mentioned it recently but the WHITE-WINGED DOVE continues

Cynthia Burnham

Guess the WHITE-WINGED DOVE doesn't mind snow/hail/ice like we had in Descanso yesterday.  Still an occasional visitor to my feeders, usually with the Eurasian Collared Doves.

Also saw what I believe was a Yellow House Finch, though it was only there for a moment.


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La Jolla Black Scoter & Kittiwake

Paul Lehman

Did a seawatch at La Jolla this morning in the strong W winds from dawn to 8:30 AM. Pretty disappointing given the strong onshore blow, with highlights being just a drake BLACK SCOTER, a first-cycle BLACK-LEGGED KITTIWAKE, and several thousand gulls including ca. 700 Heermann's (this storm must have intersected a southbound push of birds returning to the breeding grounds). But really nothing that smacked of being a storm-blown waif. The small numbers of Black-venteds were waaay offshore, only a couple jaegers, and no other tubenoses, phalaropes, or alcids--although almost any small bird would have been difficult to see in the angry seas.

--Paul Lehman, San Diego

FOS Rufous Hummingbird In Jacumba 2-1-16

Eric Kallen

This morning, along with a light dusting of snow,I  found an early Rufous hummer (adult male) terrorizing the Anna's at both of my feeders.  In 2014 and 2015 the date for Rufous was February 15.

Three Scott's and one Bullock's oriole have been seen often.  One of the Scott's visits my feeders numerous times daily for 

Jelly and mealworms.   Mealworms are available online from Rainbow Mealworms in the LA area.  They're cheap and only take a day or two to be delivered.  

Yesterday I had about 40 Pine Siskins - they were too numerous to accurately count.

Eric Kallen


Female Summer Tanager at Nestor Park 01/30/2016 (Saturday)


Good morning everyone,

Found the Summer Tanager the grove of trees and stream near the apt complex. Also Orange-crowned and Yellow-rump Warblers found in the same area all with "dirty faces".

Although I was unable to get a good enough look to ID the bird, FYI there is also a Oriole of some type in the same area.

Link to photo:

Summer Tanager (female)

Terry Hurst


Violet-green Swallow at Santee Lakes

Jeremiah Stock

Mid-morning Sunday there was a small flock of about 15 Tree Swallows at Santee Lake #7 that included 1 Violet-green Swallow and 1 Barn Swallow.

Jeremiah Stock

Santee, CA


Lawrence's Goldfinch, Pine Siskin, American Goldfinch, Lesser Goldfinch in University City (SW)

Charley Herzfeld

We just had 2 male Lawrence's Goldfinches attempt to get on the thistle feeder but didn't quite get to the seeds due to the numerous house finches.  They perched on the toyon and then in the coast live oak that was being shaken by the high wind, then disappeared.

Earlier this morning we briefly had 1 Pine Siskin and 3 American Goldfinches on the feeder.  (We had 3 Pine Siskins on November 14, 2015, but I did not report them.)

Also lots of Lesser Goldfinches and House Finches today.

This is the first time since a very wet winter in 2004 (I didn't dig out the bird calendar to check the year) that we have had Lawrence's GF and Pine Siskins.  American Goldfinches are typically common at our house, but had been completely absent for many months until last week.

Charley Herzfeld & Paul Rogers
University City

UCSD birding

Max Leibowitz

Hi all. I went birding at UCSD this morning today even though it was raining a lot and very windy. The rain eventually stopped around 9-9:15 am. That was when I saw a Summer Tanager in an Eucalyptus Tree (the trees south of the Faculty Club Parking Lot). Also I briefly saw the Tennessee Warbler in the exact same tree as the Tanager, but I saw it a little later around 9:15-9:30 am.
Max Leibowitz
Torrey Hills

Pine Siskin flock in Pt Loma

Sara Baase Mayers

We've had up to four in our yard regularly since late November, but
today after a break in the rain, a flock of about 20 Pine Siskins was
fighting over the thistle feeder, feeding on the ground under it,
bathing in the birdbath, and even trying out the mixed seed feeder
(which they didn't like).

Sara Baase Mayers
Point Loma (San Diego)

Glaucous Gull pic from Otay Lake yesterday

Mark Stratton

Good morning everyone,

Yesterday, 1/30/16, I rented a boat for a couple of hours, to get some pics of the Glaucous Gull at Otay Lakes.  BJ and Jay had the bird on the dock but when Camille and I got there, it stayed way out on the water, near the other side of the lake for a couple of hours.  I have a couple of other pics of other gulls that I will post later, when they are all uploaded, but here is the Glaucous.

Mark and Camille Stratton