2 Vermilion Flycathers Rock wren Del Mar

stevan brad

Near the square pond that is by the soccer filed in del mar was the continuing female V. flycatcher that was found on a san dieguito bird count in november     about  a 100 yards south west in the ditch was a probable continuing rock wren  from lasts months san dieguito bird count

I ebirded the vermilion and it was not flagged as rare 

i then rode my bike about a half mile east to near the golf course and found  the probable returning male Vermilian Flycatcher from december 2014      it was in the same tree

i found it amusing that ebird flagged this vermilion as rare ............and not the other by the pond  a half mile away............    still god bless ebird and the monitors!!

people are needed for the san dieguito count tomorrow Sunday  meet at the end of San Andres Del Mar at 730

id photos in my ebird report

happy valentines day 

steve brad


Red-breasted Nuthatch in Hillcrest, San Diego

Philip Unitt

Dear friends,


You know we’re having an incursion when it hits my yard on Hayes Avenue in Hillcrest. I just walked out my front door, this morning 6 February 2016, heard the call of a Red-breasted Nuthatch, then watched the bird foraging in the pine tree across the street. More to a Red-breasted Nuthatch’s liking than the paloverde tree in my yard.


Good birding,


Philip Unitt

San Diego

minor miscellanea, plus yet more tree cutting

Paul Lehman

On Thurs the 4th, the male BALTIMORE ORIOLE and THREE Bullock's Orioles (adult male, young male, female) continued in the blooming coral tree at the Grape St. dog park in eastern Balboa Park. On Fri the 5th, the recently discovered female SUMMER TANAGER continues at the north end of Nestor Park bordering Tesoro Grove, and to the south in the main part of the park there is a continuing female VERMILION FLYCATCHER (hadn't been seen since mid-Dec), a few Chipping Sparrows, and yet another flock (albeit a small one) of Lawrence's Goldfinches. I also unfortunately witnessed yet another productive patch of trees in Imperial Beach being chopped to the ground (joining the blooming eucs elsewhere in town that were removed which had attracted an Orchard Oriole and Nashville Warbler just earlier this winter on the CBC)--this latest casualty being the row of pines in the I. B. Sports Park forming the border with the adjoining apartments (the former home of the ex- Hepatic Tanager), although the 2-3 large pines in front of the apt. units that are used by the YELLOW-CROWNED NIGHT-HERONS are still standing (although with only 1 bird in them today).

--Paul Lehman, San Diego

Need Gull ID help - Otay Lakes

Lisa Ruby


I met John Bruin down at Otay Lakes this morning. Our first time spent near the boat docks at the lower lake did not turn up anything particularly unusual. A few adult and immature Herring Gulls along with the usual California, Western and Ring-billed. I later went back on my own around noon and saw and photographed two birds I'm having trouble solidly identifying. Something flushed every bird off the docks before I left (maybe the local Peregrine, but I didn't see it fly by) and I was able to get flight shots of the second one.

Bird 1, this photo and the next two. The second two photos are the same cropped in differently. My best guess on this is second year Glaucous-winged whose bill hasn't started turning from black yet.

Bird 2: This photo and the next five. Had to wait a long time for this bird to stop napping. Four of these are flight shots, which I think will help. I am confused on this bird. Doesn't appear to have the right pattern on the under side of the wings for Glaucous-winged, but has the spots on the wing tips, which I think rules out the Glaucous, and I think it's got too much color overall for Glaucous. Does not have the dark wing tops of a Herring. Wondering if it's a hybrid. The eye appears to have a light iris.

Can anyone help? Thank you.

Lisa Ruby
Sabre Springs


Edward G

The male Orchard Oriole continues on Arden Avenue in Encinitas at about 8:30. This was my second attempt.  No show yesterday in p.m. yesterday.  Easily observable for at least 15 minutes.

Ed Fox

Purple Finches continue at Live Oak Park, Fallbrook

Timothy Burr

Yesterday morning (2/3/16) I visited Live Oak Park in Fallbrook looking for the Purple Finches that Ken Weaver reported in his 10 January post.  After getting good directions from Ken, I stopped at the Park twice, once between 0800 and 0840, and then again from 1040 to 1115.  While views of the PUFI were somewhat distant and brief on the first visit, I was able to get good views and a couple of pictures on my second visit.  A total of 6 PUFI were seen, including 2 males.  I also viewed 15 Band-tailed Pigeons (though there were probably many more as I only visited the very SE part of the Park), in addition to the usual suspects of Acorn Woodpeckers, Nuttal's Woodpeckers, White-breasted Nuthatch, YR Warblers, Western Bluebirds, and a number of Am Crows.

Tim Burr



Edward G

Both male and female swimming together near the Nature center on Manchester. 2 P.M.

Ed Fox

Hooded merganser famosa slough

Arlene Arnold

Hooded merganser on the south side of West Point Loma Blvd at famosa slough, at around 2pm. Easily visible from the trail.

Arlene Arnold
San Diego

Golden-crowned Kinglet @ Zoo

Trent R. Stanley

2/4/2016, while working in off limits area of the Zoo called the Shipping Pens, just west of the Elephant Odyssey Barn I heard the beautiful song of a Ruby-crowned Kinglet and quickly found a pair nearby in a small Pepper tree right at eye level. Then I heard a very high pitched zee-zee-zee call and immediately thought of a Brown Creeper. Instead a single Golden-crowned Kinglet dropped down from a Eucalyptus above and was hanging out with the two Ruby-crowned Kinglets. I had very good looks at the bold striped face and yellow stripe atop the head. I returned with my camera about an hour later but a construction project had started with lots of noise and they were nowhere to be found. 

Trent R. Stanley
PO BOX 3666
SAN DIEGO CA USA  92163-1666

Cassin's Vireo et al.; San Elijo Lagoon Visitor Trial, 3 Feb 2016

Tito Gonzalez

I observed and photographed a CASSIN’S VIREO this morning, 3 Feb 2016, from the San Elijo Lagoon Visitor Center trail around 8:30 am. The specific location was along the northern edge of trial  where it comes out at Manchester.  At first I thought it was the previously reported Plumbeous Vireo but it consistently had warm yellow flanks and edges to secondaries.


Photos at:


Also of note at location in the last couple of days was a male WILSON’S WARBLER and a Fox Sparrow (believed to be Sooty type).


Finally, after seeing and photographing the continuing female BLACK-AND-WHITE WARBLER near the boardwalk earlier in the week. I looked at all the recent photos in ebird at location. Interestingly, there was an approximately 50/50 split between female-type and males.  So it appears that there are two continuing BLACK-AND-WHITE WARBLERS at this location.


Tito Gonzalez

Carlsbad, CA

Borrego Eurasian Wigeon

Robert Theriault

For the record, Paul Lehman's female Eurasian Wigeon continues in the RoadRunner Club area as of 03 Feb 2016. She hangs with the wigeon flock which moves around a bit; today found at tee #9 at the Springs golf course. Bob Theriault / Borrego Springs. 

Continuing Birds

Janice Nordenberg <jnordenb@...>

The female Hermit Warbler and the adult male Summer Tanager were seen in the pines along Rimini Rd in Del Mar this morning. The Black-and-White Warbler was not found. However, the Black-and-White Warbler at the San Elijo Lagoon Nature Center trail was seen along the lagoon side late morning. The male Orchard Oriole showed very well at 10:25 AM in the blooming coral tree on Arden in the first block north of Santa Fe in Encinitas. Viewers included Sue Smith, Barbara Carlson, Marcie Mason, Sara and Keith Mayers and me.


Jan Nordenberg

San Diego  


Iceland Gull

Guy McCaskie



Since Iceland Gull is a California Bird Records Committee (CBRC), I think it would be prudent for all those convinced that they saw/photographed an Iceland Gull at Lower Otay Lake, to submit documentation to the CBRC. If you are unfamiliar with the functioning of the CBRC, I suggest visiting the CBRC Website at


Thank you,


Guy McCaskie

More on Del Mar birds this morning, 3 Feb, Cassin's Vireo continues on Klish, etc

Susan Smith

As Paul Lehman mentioned, the HERMIT WARBLER and bright male SUMMER TANAGER continue in Del Mar along upper Rimini, where the Wednesday Birding Group gathered in the early morning. Also there, and along Umatilla, lower Rimini, and Cuchara Drive were many PINE SISKINS , many more than I saw the last time I visited the area. I'd say there were at least 20 on upper Rimini and Umatilla and more than 25-30  on lower Rimini and and Cuchara, all highly vocal. These were difficult to count because they tended to stay high in many of the pine trees,  where they blended in, but the whole area was busy with their burry "zipper " songs. 
    When some of our group went on to Encinitas to look for the Orchard Oriole there, I stayed in the Del Mar area and checked out the Orchid Lane and Klish Way intersection and nearby along Klish to Hoska Drive, where I refound the continuing CASSIN'S VIREO and a RED-BREASTED NUTHATCH in the large round pine in front of 810 and 820 Klish Way. 

Susan Smith
Seiurus Biological  Consulting
Del Mar, CA 

Warbler, gull

Nancy Christensen

The Laughing Gull continued at Bayside Park this morning, swimming around off shore.
At Friendship Park in Chula Vista I failed to find the Black-throated Green Warbler, but did find s first winter Hermit Warbler that I don't think has been previously reported.

Nancy Christensen

A bird does not sing because it has an answer. It sings because it has a song.
Chinese Proverb

Lesser Yellowlegs - Tijuana River South of Sod Farm

John Bruin

Today I was in the Dairy Mart Area and stopped at the south end of the bridge just before you would turn into the model airplane site. On the large mudflats there were a number of ducks, shore birds and at least 15 Greater Yellowlegs along with two smaller Yellowlegs with shorter bills that appear to me to be Lesser Yellowlegs.

3 photos here:

John Bruin
Bay Park

Possible Iceland Gulls pics that may or may not help.

Mark Stratton

I went back out Sunday afternoon, in a boat and took two pics of Gulls that may or may not be the same gull being talk about right now as an Iceland.  I have no prior experience with this bird.  The bottom 3 birds are listed as Misc. Gulls.  The middle of the 3 pics, I believe is a Thayers Gull, the other two, I don't know.  Your welcome to look and judge yourselves.  Below is a link to my checklist.

Mark Stratton

Miscellanea, plus Iceland Gull report

The eBird report of Iceland Gull over the weekend had several photos and the bird looked to me like an in-between type bird between Thayer's and Iceland in overall coloration and also in overall heft and bill size. It was like the other bird at Lower Otay Lake. But I am sure there will be no great consensus of opinion.

In miscellaneous news, the Painted Redstart continued yesterday, tuesday, in Tierrasanta, and today, Wednesday, there is a new Black and white Warbler and 2 Western Tanagers on Ocean View Avenue in Encinitas. Plus the continuing Hermit Warbler and Summer Tanager in Del Mar.

Paul Lehman, San Diego

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Re: Iceland Gull

Justyn Stahl

It was reported from Lower Otay Lake:

Justyn Stahl

On Wed, Feb 3, 2016 at 10:39 AM, stlbirdman64@... [SanDiegoRegionBirding] <SanDiegoRegionBirding-noreply@...> wrote:

I see that an Iceland Gull was reported in eBird a few days ago in San Diego County . . . but no location details as yet that I can find . . . ?

CK Smith

Rick 'n' Mo's Hilltop B&B, NE El Cajon

Re: Iceland Gull

Christopher Taylor

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I see that an Iceland Gull was reported in eBird a few days ago in San Diego County . . . but no location details as yet that I can find . . . ?

CK Smith
Rick 'n' Mo's Hilltop B&B, NE El Cajon