Re: Brown Booby swarm

Ryan Andrews

Hello all,

The non-Brown Booby was an immature Blue-footed Booby, which was what I suspected in the field. It came in close to shore for a few minutes before disappearing into the distant Brown Booby swarm. I'm not sure what caused all the boobies to show up -- I did an afternoon hike down to the river mouth twice in August and had no Brown Boobies at all. Pictures of the Blue-footed and pictures of some of the larger Brown groups will be up on eBird asap.

Ryan Andrews
Valley Center

Oven bird FRNC

C K Staurovsky

0707 west fence line section X160


Least Flycatcher at El Camino Memorial


Found yesterday by Millie and Peter Thomas, a Least Flycatcher was confirmed and still present at El Camino Memorial in Sorrento Valley today, 26 September.

Shortly after entering the memorial, on the right hand side, are some buildings and water features. Between the two ponds is a waterfall and an artificial stream. The flycatcher was flitting around behind that stream and a white railing.

The Least Flycatcher was well photographed this morning by Nancy Christensen, Mel Senac, and Eric Kallen. eBird checklist to follow this afternoon. 

Barbara Carlson 
San Diego  

FRNC on 26 Sep


Various rarities continued this morning, 26 Sep, at FRNC:

In the northwest section were the YELLOW-GREEN VIREO in the same ficus trees as reported yesterday and the OVENBIRD under the eucalyptus trees just outside the northern fence line, possibly the same Ovenbird seen and reported earlier this morning by the dip. The CLAY-COLORED SPARROW was along the road near the dip with a Chipping Sparrow companion.

In the northeast section were at least one of the CHESTNUT-SIDED WARBLERS in the ficus and a BALTIMORE ORIOLE along the northern fence line.

Mostly just the reporter,

Barbara Carlson
San Diego

Black-throated Green Warbler - Villa La Jolla Park

Alex Abela

There was a BLACK-THROATED GREEN WARBLER at Villa La Jolla Park a little before 1pm this afternoon.  It was in an elm tree along the west edge of the playground before it flew out and I lost track of it.  The bird was a female or young male type with just a hint of black around the throat, and seemed to be keeping company with a Black-throated Gray Warbler.

Alex Abela
San Diego, CA 

Rarities today

Jim Roberts GMAIL

I know there were more rarities than this seen today (9/27/18) but I will only report birds I actually saw and identified.


FRNC – west side northern fence line OVENBIRD, GREEN-TAILED TOWHEE    9AM

               East side eastern fence line a little south of interment kiosk, then moved westerly CLAY-COLORED SPARROW  Noon


Famosa Slough  -  south end  2 TROPICAL KINGBIRDS   1PM


Villa La Jolla  -  easternmost Tipuana tree  BLACK-THROATED GREEN WARBLER (Mike Nelson saw it as well) 2PM

                              Adjacent eucalyptus tree  RED-BREASTED NUTHATCH


                                     Jim Roberts

                                    University City

Fantastic Morning at FRNC


Many rarities continued and were found this morning at Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery.  In particular the West side from the dip and up to the NE corner of the west side were most productive. 

Most birders seem to be chasing the continuing YELLOW-GREEN VIREO, which continuing both in the ficus along the east wall of remains in the NW corner of the cemetary and in the eucs at the northern end of the west side.

Also along the north side here was a continuing second OVENBIRD, and I spotted a LEAST FLYCATCHER which hung around just long enough for most present to get photos.  I then was distracted by potentially a different CHESTNUT-SIDED WARBLER a little to the West.

Just south of there past the flag poll I found a VIRGINIA's WARBLER working the thick pines on either side of the road.  I also had a WHITE-WINGED DOVE flyover here.  Just south of that I had the continuing BLACKBURNIAN WARBLER in the scrappy pines north of the dip.  This is the same area the continuing CLAY-COLORED SPARROWS can be found in.  On the fence line north of the dip the continuing DUSKY FLYCATCHER was very cooperative.  The first OVENBIRD was found in this area this morning by others and the I also heard the continuing WHITE-BREASTED NUTHATCH.

Some photos from today can be found on my ebird checklist here:

Tom F-H
North Park, CA

Fort Rosecrans 9/28 AM

Gjon Hazard

Still lots of goodies, but activity level down compared to earlier in the week.

Birds reported by others or seen by me as of 9:00ish:

Least Fly

Remember to be on your best behavior; be sure to avoid ceremonies. I know management was not too chuffed with some of the crowds earlier in the week. I recommend parking outside the wall and not driving around and parking on interior streets.


San Dieguito Monthly Bird Count - next Sunday, October 7th!

Jayne Lesley

This is a reminder about the next San Dieguito monthly bird count. The October bird count is on the first Sunday  - next Sunday, October 7th.
Everyone is welcome - interested, beginners, experienced. 

We will meet at the usual time and place: 7:30 AM at the south end of San Andres. (Turn right/south off of Via De La Valle, on the east side of I5. San Andres dead ends at the San Dieguito Lagoon.) We coordinate with park rangers to provide vests and access for the restricted areas. We'll divide into five groups to count the different areas.

We gather to tally our results at noon at the Del Mar Public Works parking lot/picnic tables off Jimmy Durante Rd.

Hope to see you next Sunday for another great day of birding.

Jayne Lesley (cell phone: 858-663-6568)

Interesting Vireo FRNC

Nathan French

I think it may have been the Blue-headed Vireo seen recently but I will have to investigate my photos. Right around 1PM it was in the group of 3 pine trees west of the road near the top, north of the dip. Flew NNE and haven’t relocated it yet...

Nathan French

Fort Rosecrans Late Morning


Pulled up late to Fort Rosecrans. Most birds seem to have left with the clear skies. The exception being the continuing BLACKBURNIAN WARBLER and a CLAY-COLORED SPARROW.

The Cassin’s Vireo continues. Note that these vireos molt in late summer so they will be at their brightest in fall. This bird lacks the clear contrast on the throat and back to be a BHVI.

In the NE corner of the west side I had a continuing Western Flycatcher making a two part upslurred whistle very sporadically. Other present also finally heard it. Without analysis by recordings I can’t really be sure of it being anything other than a Western Flycatcher and it sounded more intermediate to me.

While waiting for that bird to call we had a light morph juvenile BROAD-WINGED HAWK flyby that was photographed and seen by many that was first spotted by Kenny Kimbrough.

-Tom F-H
San Diego, CA

Guajome Regional Park, Blackpoll

Gjon Hazard

This morning (29 Sept) there was a BLACKPOLL WARBLER among the moderate number of other warblers working the lerpy eucalyptus and other trees at Guajome park. Details and specific location in eBird report.

More photos will be added later.

Happy trails.
-Gjon Hazard

Pic of today's Broad-winged Hawk, 9/29/18

Mark Stratton

Good morning birders,

As posted earlier, by Thomas Ford-Hutchinson, we all heard Kenny yell "Hawk", looked up and had a Hawk circling over the bay, or at least, close to it.  We were on the west side so it was a far away photo but here it is.  This all took place between 10:30 and 10:45 I believe.

Mark Stratton
North Park

Point Loma residential


Late this (Saturday) morning there was a female/young male Am. Redstart in the alley between Pio Pico and Dupont just to the west of the cement portion.  On Dupont there was a Olive-sided Flycatcher. At the corner of Dudley and Silvergate there was a Northern Waterthrush. On MCRD there was an adult male Baltimore Oriole.


Cassin's Vireo

Edward Henry

At Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery at 7:54 a.m. this morning on the west side of the road five or ten of us saw this Cassin’s Vireo.

Dusky Flycatcher

Edward Henry

At Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery at 8:50 this morning Sunil Bhavsar and I saw the Previously reported Dusky Flycatcher.

Ed Henry

Seeking Jordan Carelli

Please contact me regarding the immature Broad-winged Hawk that you photographed today Saturday 9/29/2018 at Fort Rosecrans National Monument.
Tom Miko
Claremont LA County

It's back


For the Xth year presumably the same N. Waterthrush has returned to upper Cottonwood Creek Park in Encinitas. Seen from the bridge crossing the creek at 0735 Sunday.

Virginia's Warbler; Batiquitos Lagoon 30SEP2018 & Lake Henshaw update

Tito Gonzalez

I observed an apparent VIRGINIA’S WARBLER this morning (30SEP 2018) at Batiquitos’s Lagoon. Since the lagoon is large and the location description would be lengthy, I provide  the GPS coordinate (33.092265, -117.287055). The closest parking/entrance is near Golden Star Lane. It was in the lerpy Eucs between trail and golf course (west of tee box). I observed it between 9 and 9:45 AM. It and most of the other warblers disappeared around 10 AM. A report on ebird was submitted by Julian Jones for same species yesterday with location described as “Seen near culvert of stream past railing”. I’m not sure where this location is but it could be same bird, as it is highly unusual to get two reports of this species on consecutive days at the lagoon (or anywhere else in SD except for FRNC). Photos and description are in my ebird report:


Separately, I visited Lake Henshaw yesterday (29SEP 2018). I observed a BAIRD’S SANDPIPER AND a PECTORAL SANDPIPER. In addition, I observed 59 GREATER WHITE-FRONTED GOOSE on the backside (from road) of the lake. This is a very high count for this species in San Diego in recent times. Pictures are in my ebird report:


Tito Gonzalez

Carlsbad, CA

Black-throated Green Warbler residential Hillcrest

Nathan French

Black-throated Green Warbler in a pepper tree in south residential Hillcrest.

I heard it in a pepper tree while skating home from birding Balboa Park and Maple Canyon just after 5:30 PM. 

Not sure if it will be there tomorrow, but here are the pics and details: