Need help on Audubon walk at LJ Cove on Saturday a.m.

Stan Walens

I am leading an SDAS walk at La Jolla Cove this Saturday a.m. at 7:30.
I could use as many co-leaders/camp followers with scopes as possible.
If you’re planning to be at the Cove anyway, or have a free 90 minutes to help scope for birds and help people on the walk find them in your scope, I’d really appreciate your joining us.
[After 8:30 or 9:00, we go look at the cormorants and then walk down towards 330 Coast looking for rocky shorebirds, so it’s only that first portion when I could use as many well-equipped eyes as possible.]

Stan Walens
San Diego

MAMU and Ross's Geese

Caron Andregg

The Marbled Murrelet continued at Quivira Basin this morning. It was seen at 11am at the far west end of the basin beyond dock L adjacent to the water sports rental area.  Also in the basin near dock F was at least one Common Loon.


The four Ross's Geese continue at Robb Field, seen around 11:45 on the mud flat adjacent to I-8/Robb Field.  The Ross's geese were in company with myriad Brants and the three continuing White Pelicans, plus the usual riff-raff.



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Caron Andregg


La Jolla Cove, Dec 4: just a few boobies, some other stuff, too

Stan Walens

Was at the Cove from 6:30-9:45, by which time my eye had decided no longer to focus on anything at any distance. (They still don’t; an hour later, and I can’t focus on the letters on the computer screen.) Which was too bad, because by 9:45 the light was terrific, the wind was coming in strong from the NW and there were gazillions of birds.

I was surprised no one else was there, the day after the storm, though I was lucky to have Robert Patton join me from 7:45 until he had to leave for work.

At first the light was terrible, all leaden gray, but even so it was possible to see that there were hundreds of black-vented shearwaters and Bonaparte’s gulls flying south. A single fulmar. No alcids except two common murres. Sea surface quite rough, and the swells were maybe 4 feet, so alcid watching wasn’t very successful. I’d give it a 5.3 on the Povey scale [sorry, Dave, no one uses the Jehl scale of alcid visibility anymore; the Povey scale, with its multivariate factors, is far more accurate].

Then at 7:35, I had my first booby of the day, an adult blue-footed booby. 10 minutes later, moments before Robert arrived, two brown boobies appeared, heading NW. These were followed, over the next 45 minutes by 31–35 more, including a group of about 13 boobies we could see feeding off of Children’s Pool, so we drove down there at around 8:35. At the same time, the sun had come out, and the vantage point south of Children’s Pool is a bit higher than at my bench. The combination of extra height above the water and sunlight meant that we could see alcids easily. Masses of Cassin’s auklets were flying by, as many as 20/second. Their flocks stretched from inside the kelp bed to as far as the scope could see. Didn’t even bother to try counting them accurately, but guesstimate 2000 in 20 minutes. It’s possible that there were many thousands, or even tens of thousands, more.

Thousands of Bonaparte’s gulls were streaming south (my guesstimate for the day=2500–3000). Robert and I saw another 15-20 brown boobies come up from the south. After he had to leave, I had another couple waves totaling 18 heading north. So 34+15+18=63 (could have been more). There were times when no matter where you pointed your scope, there was a booby in your field of view. And we would get onto one booby, follow it, and then have to remark something like “it’s going left, just above the five going right, and the three out beyond it.”

Otherwise, a couple hundred loons, a hundred or so surf scoters, a dozen brant.

Stan Walens
San Diego

Poway Creek


I came to find the Wilson's Snipe (7 here yesterday) at the usual spot north of the Carriage bridge. Thery're here, but 7 Hooded Mergansers (3m, 4f) got my attention.
Poway, California
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Murrelet addendum

Tom Benson

Elias Elias refound the murrelet on either side of slip A, where it was rather cooperative from about 9:20-9:35.

Tom Benson

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Marbled murrelet Thirsday morn a dock

Elias Elias <fabflockfinder@...>

Tom Benson and I just had the MAMU for several minutes between the a dock and the sport fishing dock. At 935 ish. Best of luck

Flock on!

Arcata CA/San Diego CA
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JG Ballard

Marbled Murrelet continues Dec 4

Tom Benson

The Quivira Basin Marbled Murrelet was seen at 8:50 between slips F and G, and around 8:30 at the far west end of the basin by Millie and Peter Thomas. It is generally uncooperative. 

Tom Benson
San Bernardino, CA

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North County "Continuing" Pacific Golden Plover and Hermit Warbler (12/3/14)

Jimmy McMorran

Hi Birders,

The PACIFIC GOLDEN-PLOVER continues at its usual location in Del Mar, just East of the Pacific Coast Highway bridge at the San Dieguito Lagoon Rivermouth. A couple years ago I saw its head peeking out from the distant pickleweed, and never looked for it since. So today (12/3/14), I thought I'd look for it when there was some rain when dogs and humans would not be so abundant. As I got down to the sand, a Peregrine Falcon passed by and got all the birds on edge. A couple flight shots of the plover in the rain are at the link below if interested. Also, is a "dorsal view" comparison shot of a Black-bellied Plover and this Pacific Golden-Plover,  both taken recently in San Diego County, for somewhat comparative plumage for the season.  

First 3 Images:

I again observed the Hermit Warbler (I mentioned in a previous post) pass through my yard. So am now assuming it is the returning Winter visitor to my hood.

Good Birding,
Jimmy McMorran
Leucadia, CA

banded Brown Pelican Oceanside pix and info

stevan brad

banded in   Samoa Calif   700 miles north in Northern Cal

born Aug 19 2012

bird seen and photographed on the Oceanside pier    probably lives there begging from the fisherman and tourists


steve brad


pix  Banded Brown Pelican - stevan brad


close-call murrelet; Famosa warblers

Paul Lehman

The MARBLED MURRELET on Weds went AWOL for many hours after being seen around 8AM this morning and was finally re-found around 3PM. Not long thereafter it was watched to be actively pursued by a Calif. Sea Lion for a solid minute and barely escaped. So, first on Monday it was grabbed by a Western Gull but managed to free itself, and now on Wednesday the sea lions are after it.... This afternoon it was first seen way to the west just past slip L, but a little while later it was all the way back east near slip D.

Late this morning, on private property near Famosa Slough, I had a female BLACK-AND-WHITE WARBLER, Yellow Warbler, Black-thr Gray Warbler, and Wilson's Warbler. Plus yet another new Varied Thrush--this one along Antigua Blvd/Apple Tree Dr in Tierrasanta.

--Paul Lehman, San Diego

Orchard Oriole continues at Cottonwood Creek Park, Encinitas 12-3

The Orchard Oriole first found by Steve Brad on Nov. 30 continues at Cottonwood Creek Park this morning, north of the tennis courts in the eucalyptus trees. There was also a Western Tanager in same area. I looked for, but didn't find, any vireos.

P. Gretchen Nell

next san elijo monthly bird count monday 8 december

Robert Patton

Please spread the word –

San Elijo Lagoon monthly bird count

Monday Dec 8th (& 2nd Monday of each month, rain or shine)

Meet at the north end of Rios Ave in Solana Beach at 7:30 am

(from I-5, exit Lomas Santa Fe Dr & head west, turn north on Rios Ave which is just east of Highway 101 & the railroad tracks)

Bring a lunch or pick up one nearby & we’ll meet to compile at noon at the nature center (SE of intersection of Manchester Ave & San Elijo Ave)


Robert Patton

San Diego, CA

Marbled murrelet continues

Wednesday early morning, the marbled murrelet continues in the same area in southeast Quivira basin. It took over an hour to find it but there were only two of us looking. When I saw it, it was between slips E & F, but obviously it can go up and down anywhere between C and K.

Paul Lehman, San Diego

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Looking for Becky

Mark Stratton

Sorry to post this on here but Becky was in Encinitas on Sat. looking for the Yellow-throated Vireo.  We were with you on the Grouse trip and Camille said I was supposed to send you a photo.  I forgot and I don't have your e-mail.

Mark and Camille Stratton 
North Park

Marbled Murrelet still there as it got pitch dark

Mark Stratton

We used the last 10 or 15 minutes of "almost dark" to try for a desperate quick search of the Marbled Murrelet.  I was between the J and K dock when I turned around a walked back a couple of docks going east to where Camille was standing.  She had a small bird that had dove under a couple of times.  As it came up again, I was sure it was the bird but a nice guy working on his boat, let us in for a couple of minutes and we ran to the end of the dock and although, almost pitch dark, got a very good look at the bird from about 20 yards away.  Strange time of year to get 3 new county birds in 4 days, but I did.  The Murrelet was a lifer for Camille.
Mark and Camille Stratton
North Park

More Varied Thrushes


Adding to the spate of Varied Thrush sightings this winter, I saw a male and a female in my yard (about 1500 m north of Lyons Peak in Jamul), foraging together on the ground among the leaf litter on the grassy fringe of an oak woodland, on the morning of December 1.  Watched them for about 5 minutes, until my dog enthusiastically chased them into the woods.  Later I heard several abbreviated songs from the same area.

marbled murrelet pix 12/2

stevan brad

good birding your way

steve brad


Marbled Murrelet - stevan brad

Re: Marbled Murrelet and Ross's Geese still present

Bill M <birdbill13@...>

The MAMU is between docks D and E at 12:45.
Bill Moramarco
Fallbrook,  CA

Re: Marbled Murrelet and Ross's Geese still present

Bill M <birdbill13@...>

The MAMU is between docks D and E at 12:45 pm.

Marbled Murrelet Photos

Vic Murayama

Here’s a link to my photos from yesterday: .



Vic Murayama


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